Shanna has collaborated with Native American Agencies to facilitate several trainings with professionals in our communities. Her ability to convey the multi-layered information and captivate the audience is extraordinary.

Former Lt. Gov Monica Antone

Gila River Tribe

Before I met Miss Shanna I didn't even want to live. Now I have a future ahead of me because she cares and understands me. I never thought I would find someone who understands the trafficking I lived through.

​                                                     SM 16yrs



Our mentoring program is in partnership with DCS - Mercy Maricopa - Southwest Network and local Police Departments. We PROVIDE juvenile and young adult victims of human trafficking mentorship connections with survivor leaders which has been instrumental in changing their lives.  

I just wanted to let the world know about this amazing woman. She does for girls who know the real struggle and nobody would notice that she knows it first hand. Momma Shanna is talented, compassionate, beautiful and understanding. And she wouldn't leave a single rock unturned for her girls. I've known her since I was 15, I am 22 now, and a mother and she's still around. 

​                                                       JG 22yrs

Our training modules PREPARE law enforcement, social services professionals, court staff, placement facilities, medical, and first responders to take on the task of working in a trauma informed manner with victims of human trafficking.  

It's not often that a speaker can catch the undivided attention of AZ Superior Court and Supreme Court judges and can have a room full of hardened Law Enforcement Officers sitting on the edge of their seat.

 Victim Specalist Marc Tetzlaff

Amazing class with so much useful information. Now I know to always get checked for my health.

​                                          AW 15yrs

You've taught me a lot. I love it when you come. I relate to you because I was trafficked.

​                                          YE 15yrs

I learn something new every session. Things that seem complicated can be easy to take care of once you have the info.

​                                          MV 13yrs



trafficking training

life skills class

Shanna has a wide range of talents, which enabled us to incorporate her insight and more…She has the unique ability to connect to people from all walks of life. I highly recommend working with Shanna

 Sgt. Domenick Kaufman,   Mesa Police

Our life skills classes are facilitated in youth group homes across the valley. Victims often miss out on basic information while being abused and/or trafficked. We fill in those gaps and create a safe learning environment to PREVENT future vulnerabilities.  

I love you. You really helped me when I thought I had no one. God does everything for a reason. You're truly an Angel and you GO TO WOOOOORK!! Now I have a great job and a great future.

​                                                     RG 19yrs

I have no mom to teach me this stuff. I like this program, thank you

​                                          SL 13yrs

I love the open feel of this program. I can tell Shanna anything.

​                                          SJM 14yrs